More Storage, Better Prices and Class A Rating for ToS

We are very happy to announce our migration to shiny new hardware which enables us to offer you more storage for a better price. Please also see our press release for more information.

Since we could not simply use virtual servers in some cloud, because this would compromise the privacy and security of our service, we bought new hardware which was delivered in early December. After a couple of service windows (sorry for those!) and a lot of hard work (thanks to our team!), the old hardware is now about to be phased out. And we decided to pass along the improved efficiency in more secure data storage and pricing to you.

Each account now comes with twice the storage space and we can offer additional storage significantly cheaper than before. See the table below for an overview of what changed. We will of course keep working hard to further improve our service for you!

Product Old New
Groupware account with 2 GB storage 10 CHF (1 GB) 8.99 CHF (2GB)
Lite account (mail only) with 2 GB storage 5 CHF (1 GB) 4.55 CHF (2GB)
1 GB additional storage 2 CHF 0.5 CHF
Mobile Synchronization with ActiveSync 2 CHF 1 CHF

In related news, the consumer and user rights initiative Terms of Service; Didn't Read reviewed our terms of service and gave us the best possible rating. Their evaluation states that “the terms of service treat you fairly, respect your rights and follow the best practices”. We are very happy about this rating and like the way it simplifies the terms which are unfortunately necessary to have. Still, we tried to design our terms as best as we can and it is great that we have obviously been successful with that.

The terms of service treat you fairly, respect your rights and follow the best practices.

Most of our new customers come from other providers such as GMail for concerns about their privacy. Many like to take their data with them, but don't have the skills to do it themselves. For those we now offer an automated moving process that takes care of their emails. For other groupware data only a little manual assistance is still necessary.