Moving your digital presence to Kolab Now is possible to do yourself. But if you do not have the time to do so or wish to make sure that you don't have any hiccups along the way, here is your solution:

Use the moving services of Audriga, a German business which specializes in cloud migration services. Audriga can fully automate the migration of your existing email to Kolab Now, while groupware data is migrated using a manually-assisted approach. Groupware data migrations are done on a fixed moving date so that Audgriga staff are available to oversee the process and ensure your move is smooth.

These moving services are available even for complex setups, such as migrating complete companies or organizations, and help you minimize the risk and disruption of such a transition. If you wish, you can perform a trial migration first and tour the migration interface.

The prices for the migration are:

  • 8 CHF per mailbox/user for email migration only (fully automatic)
  • 15 CHF per mailbox/user for full groupware migration (assisted, timing depends on availability)

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for a Kolab Now account to move your data to, or create all the users within your own domain using your group manager account.
  2. Contact us and tell us which migration you want to use (email-only or full groupware data).
  3. Use the link they provide to you, to start the migration. You will then be guided through the process.
  4. Change your password for your old and new account for security reasons.

Supported Providers

You can move away form these email and groupware providers:

  • Google Mail
  • Open-Xchange
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Zimbra
  • 1&1
  • Office 365
  • and many many more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible that emails are lost during the migration?

No. The migration service takes care that all emails will be properly transferred, e.g., also in the case of temporary connection errors. Furthermore, no mails are deleted in the source account. So in any case, a copy of your mails will remain in your old account.

Can I copy multiple source accounts into one destination account?

Yes, the service allows you to migrate different source accounts into one destination account.

Are emails transferred in a secure way?

Yes, a SSL-encrypted connection will be used if supported by your old provider.

Are emails stored by the migration platform?

No, Audriga does not store any emails in the migration system. Emails are transferred from source to Kolab Now one by one.

Will emails in the source account be deleted?

No. The migration service copies mails from source to destination account. Emails in the source account will not be deleted during the migration process.