Notes are stored in books which can be nested to organize your ideas hierarchically. There is no limit to the number of books you can have or how deeply they are nested. Rich-text formatting and multimedia such as images and video are supported.



Emails and calendar events can be anotated with notes. These notes appear both in the Email and Calendar applications with the message they were added to as well as in the Notes application. Notes are linked to the message they are associated with, making it quick and easy to go from notes to the relevant message with a single click and then back again.

Search and Tagging

Never lose a note again. Notes can be found using the full-text search, making it easy to find them even across multiple notebooks. Notes may also be tagged and filtered using Kolab's unified tagging system which allows you to use the same tags with your emails, events, tasks, etc.


Notebooks can be shared[1] between Kolab Now users with fine-grained access controls. This allows people to work together, with some able to modify or delete notes while others may only view them.

1Sharing features works only between email addresses in the same domain name (the part after the '@' symbol). Accounts using custom domain names are therefore only able to share with other emails also using that same custom domain name.


Take your notes with your wherever you go! In addition to access via the Kolab Web Application and native desktop apps, notes can be synced with mobile applications for use on the go.