With the Mobile Synchronization option, Kolab Now keeps you connected on the go no matter which device you are using.

Any mobile device

Kolab Now supports the full range of devices in common use including iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Kolab Enterprise puts your data in your hands, wherever you are to keep you in business even while on the move.

Open Standards

Due to its use of Open Standards, data stored on Kolab Now is available right from the native applications on your mobile device. On most platforms, contacts appear integrated with the native address book, email can be read and calendars used from the default mail and calendar apps or from many third party apps on the various application stores.

For devices that cannot access all data via the IMAP protocol, Kolab provides access via CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV. These protocols are understood by most devices and enables seamless synchronization of data.

To cover the remaining cases, Kolab Now also provides an ActiveSync service. Used by Microsoft's Windows Mobile devices, it is also supported by most other mobile devices due to its prevalence in the business world.