Even for those who receive hundreds or thousands of emails a day, Kolab Now helps people manage their email while retaining an overview of what is going on.


The features offered by Kolab Now work together as one seamless whole. Email attachments can be saved directly to the file cloud and files from the cloud can be attached to mails without having to locally download them first. 

Notes and comments can be attached to emails, allowing you to capture related thoughts and ideas for later use. These notes appear not only in the email view, but also in the Notes application with links back to associated email.

To help with scheduling, the relevant day's agenda is shown directly alongside event invitations that are received by email. This prevents your from having to leave the email to manually consult calendars, saving both time and effort. Calendar events and tasks can also be created directly from emails which will automatically add the information from that email to the task or event.

Out of office responders can be enabled for certain time periods ensuring the reminder will be active when it should be – and only then.

Search and Tagging

Powerful full-text search and filtering makes it easy to find specific emails, even across multiple folders. Emails can be tagged using Kolab's unified tagging system which allows the same tags to be used on Events, Notes, ToDos, etc.

This turns your email into a comprehensive knowledge base while also allowing you to cope with large volumes of email that may stretch back many years.


As with nearly everything else on Kolab Now, you can share email folders with other Kolab Now users1 with fine-grained access controls. Excellent for collaborating with workmates or sharing interesting emails with the rest of the family.

1Sharing features work only between email addresses in the same domain name (the part after the '@' symbol). Accounts using custom domain names are therefore only able to share with other emails also using that same custom domain name.


Kolab Now can automatically filter your email into folders based on pre-defined criteria you define, giving you a leg up on identifying and reading what matters first.

Conversations can be shown in threads, making it easy to see who responds to whom. When responding to emails, pre-defined response templates save typing the same things over and over again.


Whether from a web browser, an app on your laptop or desktop computer or a mobile device, your Kolab Now email is always within reach.

The Kolab Web Application provides access to all of Kolab Now's features with a beautiful, modern HTML5 interface. You also can choose to use your favorite desktop mail application or the official Kolab Desktop client.  Push notifications on mobile and support for common apps, including most mail applications that come preinstalled on devices, make use on mobile very convenient.