Our current SSL certificate that plays a big role in securing your encrypted connections to our service is about to expire. Therefore, each year, we will roll out a new certificate in the night from the 24th to the 25th of January at 0:00 UTC time. You will most likely not notice this change. If one of your devices complains about the security certificate after this change, please make sure that the one presented to you has the same fingerprints as below:

  • mykolab.com SHA1 Fingerprint: 8D:D8:49:E8:62:46:5F:A4:68:34:C2:82:12:5F:AF:00:39:5A:AA:26
  • mykolab.com SHA256 Fingerprint: E2:85:48:85:CA:6A:20:19:D1:E2:05:68:DE:E1:26:39:D9:4D:A2:D2:56:D7:E1:94:64:3F:3A:C1:14:8D:95:31
  • kolabnow.com SHA1 Fingerprint: 3A:60:7B:3E:BC:AB:60:9E:12:62:98:37:AF:96:FE:62:43:DC:C8:B9
  • kolabnow.com SHA256 Fingerprint: 3E:D8:02:E7:84:43:AB:2E:ED:24:AC:11:EF:10:14:B4:AD:15:D7:94:B8:B9:5E:07:79:A8:70:CC:C1:20:DF:D9

For more information about our encryption setup and some general recommendations on staying safe, please refer to our previous news entry about the 'Heartbleed' bug.

MyKolab will continue to install new SSL certificates as necessary for your protection. We prefer to be safe than sorry!